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About Us

Why choose us?
Lots of customers come to us because we are on the top of the list of Chinese mobility scooter manufacturers. Why can we be the top manufacturer?
High quality
Our mobility scooters certified with CE, is famous for its high quality and enjoy the long-standing reputation at home and abroad.Our scooters are designed to be a visually striking as they are high performing. Our sporty designs allow your scooter to be an extension of your unique personal style.
Professional and experienced team.
our team have Great experience accumulated in such a long time period make us professionals in design and making scooters.we can offer flexible tech support to meet every different demand from customers.
Effecient service.
with the idea of focus on costumer, we response to customers need in time, and make every afford to make customers satisfied.
competitive price
with long year experience in making scooters, we keep optimize supply chain, this makes it possible to for us to offer Quality scooters at the best price anywhere.
Best Warranty service
Ruidi offers 2 years warranty on scooter and 1 year warranty for specified components, first action to be taken as soon as get complain.

What about the Warranty ?
TWO -YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY (Excluding Golf Buggies which have a One Year Warranty)
For Two years from the date of purchase, the manufacturer will repair or replace at their option to the original purchaser, free of charge, any part or electronic component found upon examination by an authorized dealer to be defective in material and/or workmanship.
The warranty will also cover all the structural frame components, including fork, platform and frame.

How Does A Scooter Work?
Usually, under the seat there is a battery pack. This is charged from the mains so you need a dry place at home in which to do this. The battery pack powers an electric motor that propels the scooter. You can select your top speed to suit where you are so, for instance, on a quiet pavement you would select a high range but in a crowded shopping mall you would select a low top speed. A lever near the handle bars applies power, coasts or brakes and, there is also a lever to go into reverse.
Batteries: 6 month Pro-Rated Warranty on original SLA batteries/ 12 months Pro-Rated Warranty on original Lithium batteries provided that they have been maintained as instructed by your vehicle hand-book and not subjected to freezing temperatures.
Chargers: 12 months Warranty on the charger. There are no moving parts in a charger (except a fan, perhaps). Either it works or it doesn't. A charger has computer parts inside. Just as an i-pod or cell-phone wouldn't function for very long if you left it outside in the elements, a charger treated this way will fail. This is misuse and abuse of your equipment and will not be warranted beyond 3 months from your date of purchase.

Order Service parts
Ruidi Offer a full and comprehensive service for your MOBILITY-SCOOTER. We offer on site servicing for certain repairs,For our current service rates and charges, please email to info@rdscooter.com or by phone on +86 13905796145 , We Service And Repair All Brands Of Mobility Scooters.

Become a Dealer
Ruidi Vehicles has been developing, manufacturing and distributing high quality mobility scooters for the global market since 1999.
We are looking for experienced, dedicated mobility dealers who value their relationships with their customers and are committed to providing the best possible products and service. Likewise,Ruidi scooter has the same commitment to its dealers. We appreciate your time and business. Ruidi vehicles manufacture top quality, stylish scooters which easily find their way to the market and require minimum maintenance calls. We encourage you to apply to become a dealer and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship. Interested in becoming an Ruidi scooter distributor please you email to info@rdscooter.com , Thank you very much !

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